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When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, it left a vast path of destruction in its wake. Headlines around the world described the island-wide power outage and destroyed infrastructure but little was shared about the ecological crisis that followed after the storm brought down thousands of trees. Many of these tree branches and wide canopies once provided shade for the islanders as well as shelter for nesting birds and insects. Now too many lie beneath tangled vines and new growth.

UPROOTED is a collaborative project aimed at breathing new life into these fallen giants and giving them a new purpose. Our wooden planters are made with up-cycled mahogany wood sourced from the trees we lost on our family farm in Mayagüez. Each planter is unique as we’ve kept their organic shape along with the scars left behind from their old inhabitants.

By supporting UPROOTED, you are directly contributing to the ecological recovery efforts on our island. Every purchase donates 10% of the proceeds to Para la Naturaleza, a local environmental organization committed to the rehabilitation of forest areas severely impacted by hurricane damage. Your contribution promotes the environmental conservation necessary for the continued enjoyment of future generations.